A. Design Consulting:

We provide Expert consultancy in system designs (using latest methodologies mixed with traditional practice) object oriented design, and database design.

B. Life Cycle Support Services:

We also provide services, ensuring that a client's activities are carried out more effectively.

Some of them include:

  1. Inspections and reviews
  2. Provision of testing teams
  3. Resource utilization management

    C. Application Software Maintenance:

    Our Software maintenance services supports the customers in a focused way. Software upgrades are frequent as technology itself is advancing, and upgrading your software helps you to keep your competitive edge and increase your team's productivity.

    We also offer timely software maintenance and support services. We will respond to your calls concerns and 
    accelerate our services at your speed, rendering overall quality .

    D. Total Solutions for Industry Segments:

    Most software companies do not provide hardware solutions and most hardware companies do not offer custom 
    software solutions.

    We have been successful in providing total solution that includes hardware and software. Not only hardware and software
    Develop the business application software that you need

    Provide the necessary hardware, networking, and other standard software

    Offer consulting services to help you get optimum use of your IT investment

    Continuous process improvement

    Training your employees on effective use of computers

    Maintenance of your entire computer hardware and software assets 
    and many more.

    E. Re-Engineering of Application Software:

    Converting existing applications to a new environment like assessment, migration solution, design testing, 
    development & implementation of the solution & finally structuring the transition management.